Hi I’m Ny 😊 i was born to my beautiful yet amazin mother during one of the coldest winters ever..just kidding I was born in November. November 19 lol. and it was a normal day not a dramatic winter-storm. but I like long walks on the beach..just kidding again 😂 I’m regular, I enjoy doing regular stuff..like eating healthy and online shopping, you know..regular shit like that. anyway, everything was good I was in school, Delaware State, I was sooo social, I mean like I knew everybody. even people you wouldn’t think I knew, I knew 😊 but all that I mean like everything literally came to a hault 🚨 I suddenly fell ill and all those “friends” I thought I had..well most of them left. I was alone with the only person who will always be there for me, my mom ❤ I am so happy and grateful for her! but I’m just gonna stop here and hopefully you start and finish this health journey with me.

                                  ❤peace y’all thank y’all

ps: I won’t only focus on my health. I’ll talk about life and the people in it and give somewhat good advice, my opinion on things..but mainly things that go on in my life

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Ny Shakur

"you're either 2 things in this world.. somebody or nobody" -Frank Lucas

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